Leather Care

Caring for your Krista Paige Handbag is very easy! This seasons leather is called “crunch leather.” It gets its name from its distressed wrinkled appearance. We absolutely love it, so we decided to add it to our collections. It’s dyed with two layers of transparent dyes so that the natural characteristics of the leather are not obscured. One of the reasons its becoming so popular is because it’s so easy to care for. You may use a leather cleaner and conditioner as needed. No need to condition as the leather is made to have a distressed look. 

Nubuck Care

Nubuck has a similar feel to suede, but it’s more durable since it comes from the top grain of the hide. It has a great look and feel and it is used for a variety of products. Because nubuck is made from top-grain leather, it is more durable and tough compared to suede. Thankfully caring for nubuck is simple. You may spray it with suede & nubuck water repellant to protect it from water and dirt. When cleaning, remove all dirt with a clean cloth, and apply your suede and nubuck cleaner and follow its directions. Although water and humidity should be avoided when possible, if the nubuck does get wet, allow it to dry in a cool dry place.

Dhurrie Care

Loose fibers, or sprouts are a normal part of the break-in process of handmade fabric. To remove sprouts, use a small pair of scissors to snip them off. Do not pull the fiber out. Fabric is 100% cotton, try to clean stains immediately with a clean white cloth or use a soft brush gently brushing fabric in circular motion. Since the dhurrie is handwoven it is very important to clean it as soon as possible after its been soiled to prevent it from seeping into the crevices. To clean, blot the dhurrie with COLD water and take out as much of the stain as possible. You may add rug cleaner or a little bit of detergent and GENTLY scrub or blot in circular Motion. Never use hot water, as it can cause colors to run.