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Every woman’s bag tells a story. What it looks like and how it functions says something about her personality. And what she carries inside - her phone, wallet, makeup, keys, business cards, snacks for the kids, you name it, those items are in many ways, her lifeline. That is why I hold this brand so close to my heart.


“I gave birth to a baby and a business at the same time - and today my brand that’s so inspired by new life aims to transform others’ lives for the better.”

I’ve always loved the aesthetic of Indian Dhurrie and Moroccan kilim rugs - the colors, geometric patterns and incredible durability. I started designing handbags for my first collection when I was pregnant with my daughter, whom I named the company after. I gave birth to a baby and a business at the same time - and today my brand that’s so inspired by new life aims to transform others’ lives for the better.


My Inspirations

My husband has an awesome career that has given us the opportunity to explore and live in new places. He is always there supporting me and plays a vital role in my daily motivation. He is always right behind me ready to step in and help, and I truly value his opinion and business strategies. 

I come from entrepreneurial parents, who have stressed the value of having your own business, and who have always stood by my side in all my business ventures. My mother, Catalina, has always supported and encouraged me. I am so lucky to have such a loving, encouraging, and hardworking mother as my inspiration. 

My beautiful sisters, have always given me their honest opinion on new designs and who have been there as Krista Paige’s number one customers. That is why creating a sisterhood culture is something I want you to be a part of. These bags are beautiful inside and out, strong and durable, and 100% dependable, like a sister should be! 

And of course, my only daughter Krista Paige, she’s taught me to see the beauty and carefree side of life and she’s truly inspired the joyful aesthetic of every bag, and who’s brought so much light and faith into our lives.

Made with love - and a social conscious

Woven into each and every bag is my ethical mission to produce bags in small batches so they are truly bespoke. I work closely with talented artisans in India and i’m careful to only partner with small factories that pay these talented weavers and leather craftspeople fair wages. I also donate 10% of the proceeds to Glad Tidings India, which empower women through literacy programs, and in addition, each bag that you purchase will give a child the opportunity to grow in faith by making it possible to attend CBS in India.  

Happy bag, happy you!

Creating these bags is a joyful experience for me, and it’s my greatest hope that you get the same blissful rush when you carry a Krista Paige crossbody bag, tote, convertible backpack, or one of our wristlets. Each bag is truly unique; made by hand, with its own custom weaving, natural marks, crevices in the leather, and strands of shiny gold thread that reminds you of my golden promise, that Krista Paige Handbags is your inspirational bag place.

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