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Our Mission 


With over 40% of its 1.3-billion population being illiterate, India has more illiterate people than any other nation. We at Krista Paige Handbags aim to change that by releasing a limited series of luxury handcrafted handbags with a mission. 


The Solution

We created Krista Paige Handbags to bring women together and help empower Indian women by providing them with quality, affordable education. Each bag purchased from us will sponsor the education of an Indian woman.

We take special care to ensure the bags we sell are hand-crafted in partnership with talented artisans, weavers and leather craftsmen from India and small factories known for their fair compensations. Krista Paige handbags are as unique as the women of India and woven into each bag is an ethical mission: to empower the Indian women through literacy and put them in a position where they can exercise their civil rights and secure a job that allows them to lead an independent, rewarding and respectful life. 

Additionally, we provide women in need with literacy classes to develop their self-help skills, including basic finance education. Besides reading, we ensure women also learn: 

Basic health & personal hygiene

Nutrition & Proper diet

Community sanitation

Family relationships

Pre- & post natal care

Self-help skills-financial improvement

Political rights

Government programs for the poor

AIDS, leprosy, and alcohol awareness

Importance of sending children to school

Benefits of stopping child marriages

Biblical morals and ethics 

Apart from empowering women to regain their independence, our literacy education also makes a tangible difference to the Indian women’s lives: daily waves frequently increase with up to 70%.


The Krista Paige Difference 


We at Krista Paige believe firmly in giving back to society. We donate 10% of the proceeds to Glad Tidings India to ensure Indian women will receive access to quality literacy programs. Additionally, each bag you purchase gives a child the opportunity to grow in faith by providing them with access to CBS in India. 

The Krista Paige sisterhood is continuously working towards making Indian communities stronger and better. Through our efforts, we strive to provide villages with roads, electricity and bus stops for the very first time; teach students forestry skills to help the ecosystem by planting new trees, and provide them with dairy, agriculture and other micro-enterprises skills to save money and work together. Specifically, we strive to empower women and provide them with the tools to become involved in village politics and make it possible for them to earn an income for the very first time in their lives. 

Together, we make a difference.